Labette Center
Seventh Annual Care and Compassion Awards

Kurt Friess

In order to show care and compassion to an individual, first there has to be awareness that someone is in need.  To recognize that need, the person must be able to step outside of the day to day flow of life, work and routine to notice a call for help, no matter how it may come.  This recipient is recognized as someone who goes above and beyond to not only notice when there is a need, but to create situations, no matter how small or large they may seem, that can encourage someone who is struggling.  This recipient works each day with youth and can come across challenges, struggles and successes on a daily basis.  By simply taking a minute or two from the day to recognize that with a small amount of encouragement, students can grow and thrive, a sense of self-worth and pride in who they are can be accomplished.  Whether it’s with a high five while walking through the hallway, offering a few encouraging words, or going the extra distance to make them feel special, this recipient encourages those youth even through some of their most trying times.  This recipient has become a role model for the youth he works with, guiding them through adolescents and on a path toward a successful life in the future.  He consistently goes the extra mile to help and to show care and compassion where it is sometimes needed the most.  Congratulations to Kurt Friess for being one of this year’s Care and Compassion Award recipients.

Joy Hoffman

Some of the most amazing acts of kindness are those that are done completely anonymously.   Individuals who go through their lives doing good for others, whether it is in their work, their community or their church spread care and compassion to those around them.  This recipient does just that.  Whether it is by going the extra distance at work or by impacting the lives of others through generosity and kindness, making days brighter for those they come in contact with.  By providing acts of selfless care and compassion this recipient has helped others in many ways and many settings without asking for anything in return.  Not only is this recipient noted for her acts of generosity and kindness, but her husband joins her in helping those around him as well. Congratulations to Joy Hoffman for being a recipient of this year’s care and compassion awards!

Becky Hunn

This recipient has made serving people a lifelong career.  Commitment, dedication, leadership, advocate, mentor and understanding are just a few of the words that could be used to describe this person.  By giving all she can to those she works with and her patients, this recipient has shown selflessness, strength and poise.  Even when fighting her own personal battles, she has continued to show care and compassion to those around her with grace and strength.  Those who know her say her strength and determination provide a sense of comfort.  She works diligently to improve the care of patients and is an inspiration to all those who come to know her.  It is said that this recipient is the type of person that sets the bar for others to achieve and those around her look up to her, striving to be as caring and compassionate as she is.  For these reasons and many more we congratulate Becky Hunn on being a recipient of this year’s care and compassion awards.

Margo Moore

The ability and gift to put a person at ease is truly an inspirational thing to see.  To help someone who is struggling and provide them with comfort and the ability to trust, especially in situations where trust can be a difficult task for the person, is what this recipient does on a regular basis.  Often those who struggle with mental illness may have difficulty finding the comfort needed for them to receive help.  So for this recipient to be nominated for doing those exact things speaks to the care and compassion she provides in both her career and her life.  Always going the extra mile to help a person in need she has become an advocate for those who are struggling.  Her care for those she helps far goes above and beyond.  She is seen as someone that can be trusted by friends to help them through difficult times and by those she serves to advocate for their needs. Those she helps leave her care truly feeling that she had their best interest at heart and made a lasting impact on their life.  Congratulations to Margo Moore for being a recipient of this year’s care and compassion awards.

Barbara Mosier

A simple gesture, a kind word, and just letting someone know you’re thinking of them.  These are just some of the qualities that make this recipient an amazing example of care and compassion.  Whether working to serve others through church, visiting those who cannot leave their homes, visiting nursing homes, or taking food to agencies who will distribute it to those who are in need, this recipient has given back to the community in more ways than can be described.  Even while suffering from personal losses herself, she maintained a commitment to be caring and compassionate to those around her.  Through the simple gesture of always sending a thank you note or sympathy card that is filled with thoughtful, meaningful sentiments of love and compassion, she has impacted the lives of those around her in a tremendous way.  Her smile and kind words that can always be found when she comes into contact with others is a truly amazing gift.  But it is said that one of the most amazing things about this recipient is the gift she gives those she encounters who may be in need of a simple hug.  Her love for others has amazed those she comes into contact with.  It has been said that to know this recipient is to know a living angel.  Congratulations to Barbara Mosier on being a recipient of this year’s care and compassion awards.

Stacy Smith

Both colleagues and students alike have admiration for the kindness, caring and compassion that this recipient provides.  This recipient strives on a daily basis to empower others, to provide comfort to those who are struggling, to challenge those who are in need of a gentle nudge out of their comfort zone but most importantly to show each person who crosses their path that they are a valuable, important and loved human being.  She has on many occasions gone above and beyond to advocate for students and to help them find ways to succeed.  Not only providing support and sometimes a shoulder to her students, but often their parents as well.  And the kindness provided is not limited to only the students she works with individually, but to all who come into contact with her.  She spends her days and often evenings striving to help students find their place in the world.  Whether through a special education program, college class, college prep course, or the Labette County Academy, this recipient gives to her students and her community on a regular basis and without asking for recognition.  Congratulations to Stacy Smith for being a recipient of this year’s care and compassion awards!