Labette Center
Nineth Annual Care and Compassion Awards

Scott Feagan

Showing care and compassion to those can take on many forms.  Having continual awareness, kindness and dedication for a community is something this nominee is well known for.  Everything from being an active volunteer at community events to serving on boards and providing education, guidance and security.  The care and compassion that this nominee shows to those who may be in need, whether from being in a crisis situation or as a member of a community who is in need, is recognized far beyond the boards of the area he serves.  From participating in local fundraisers, community awareness programs and school projects, to handing out hot dogs, this nominee makes time to show those around him he cares.  He possess not only the qualities that make him an outstanding professional in his field, but the skills of a teacher, mediator, and advocate.   Even with the immense amount of time this nominee spends giving to his community, he still finds the time and the way to be an amazing father and family man.  His dedication and love for his family and his community is easily seen in everything he does.  For these reasons, and so many more, we are pleased to present Scott Feagan with a 2020  Care and Compassion Award.

Elizabeth Garton

Going above and beyond to make sure those in the community are taken care of is what makes this nominee stand out.  This nominee always takes to heart her commitment to serve and to find the best ways to help individuals.  She is determined to do the best by each person she encounters by taking their whole life situation into consideration when providing the help they need.  She is always willing to make accommodations for both the individuals she serves and the staff around her to best complete whatever tasks may be at hand.  This nominee listens to her patients and their loved-ones to work together and find the best fit for their need and their life.  In additional she often will work outside of her normal hours to compensate for time away during her schedule to best serve the agency she works for and continue providing care where it is needed most.  And she is able to provide all of this through a television screen.  This nominee provides medical services through the use of tele-video and has worked throughout the years to show help her patients adjust to this way of providing service.  She calms fears and eases hesitation through her warm personality and caring manner.  Her dedication to the individuals she serves go much farther than the tele-video services she provides however.  This nominee has been known to actually drive to the Center during times of technically difficulties to see her patients face to face, just to ensure they continue receiving the care they need without any delays.  Congratulations to Elizabeth Garton on being a 2020 Care and Compassion Award recipient!

Vicki Hanse

This nominee has been described by those who know her as an individual who has a beautiful soul that radiates to all of those who knows her.  She has a giving heart that reaches and touches to many lives to count.  In her quest to help, to show care and compassion, she has given freely of herself and at times even put aside her own fears to accomplish tasks that created change in the world.  This nominee provides a shelter and a safe place to be for lives that often times are forgotten.  She has spent uncountable hours, often giving up her weekends and evenings, over the last ten years to volunteer and work with animals who are in need.  She has transported to shelters and taken in countless numbers of feral animals in hopes of finding them forever homes.   With her own funds she has purchased supplies for small rescue groups, taken animals to be spayed or neutered, bough food, straw, dog houses and more.  She has worked with animals who have become untrusting of humans and helped them find homes.  Mohamad Ghandi stated, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.    This nominee portrays the essence of this quote.   Congratulations to Vicki Hanse for being one of this year’s Care and Compassion Award recipients.

Ed Raschen

Going above and beyond is how this nominee has been described by others.  This nominee shows true care and compassion for those in all aspects of life.  Whether at work, at church, or in the community, this recipient strives to always make a difference in the lives of others, often dropping everything to help another.  This nominee  has helped students find housing, food, utilities, employment, access to emergency mental health services, attend court dates where students had no loving or caring adult present, and most of all provide unconditional love and support.  This nominee strives to always try to see things from multiple perspectives, often challenging his own thinking, to try to do what is best for a student.  This nominee has worked to create a trauma informed and trauma sensitive environment for students and to work with families to make create the best plan for a student’s needs. This nominee understands that there are no cookie cutter answers for working with students, and works hard to develop a plan that will work and help them achieve success.  Whatever aspect of his life, those around him see his dedication and commitment to those things he cares about.  In addition to his commitment to students and their success, this nominee has served his country through multiple deployments, even making sure to check on his students while away.  For all of these reasons and more, we congratulate Ed Raschen on being a recipient of the 2020 Care and Compassion Awards.