This program provides effective integrated and coordinated community based treatment for people with severe and persistent mental illness. The mission of CSS is to assist each individual in their personal recovery.

Goals and individualized treatment plans are established by the consumer with their service providers. They work together to ensure they reach their highest level of independence. Particular emphasis is placed on independent living and achieving educational and employment goals.
Consumers can contact CSS staff members at the Rainbow End Activity Center located at 906 S. 13th Street. Recovery and psychoeducational groups are also held at the 13th Street address.

Included in the community support services program are case management, thearpy, supported employment, psychosocial group services, attendant care, and peer support.

Community Support Services

Misti Mustain, LMLP, LCAC, KCGC
Director of Clinical Programs
Tom Schibi, AA
CSS Team Leader