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The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, in collaboration with Early Head Start, Labette Center for Mental Health Services, Healthy Families America, and Parents as Teachers has developed a centralized, coordinated system between the partner programs to link families to these and other appropriate services available based on the family?s needs.

Labette Center for Mental Health Services is a partner with other agencies, organizations, professionals, and citizens in helping all people to live a healthy and normal life. Labette Center?s role in the endeavor is to assist in the emotional well-being of children and their families.

SEK-CAP Early Head Start is a community-based program for low-income families with infants, toddlers and pregnant women.Its mission is to promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, to enhance the development of very young children, and to promote healthy family functioning. The Early Head Start program evolved out of Head Start?s long history of providing services to infants and toddlers. They provide services up to age three.
Parents as Teachers, sponsored by your local school district, is a free, voluntary early learning program designed to provide practical and timely information to all families, including single parents, first-time parents and expectant parents. Each family has a parent educator that shares child development information, addresses parenting concerns, and engages the family in activities.Parents as Teachers engage families from the prenatal stage up to age three.

Kansas Children's Service League Healthy Families America has been proven successful in promoting healthy child development, parent/child interaction, preventing child abuse and neglect, and helping families link with necessary community resources. It is a free, voluntary program that offers information and emotional support in coping with the stress and the challenges of parenting.The Healthy Families visitor meets with the family regularly, usually once each week. Healthy Families provides services during pregnancy and continues until the child is three to five years old.

Mission ~ to strengthen families with young children, prenatal to five, through a coordinated centralized system focused on the delivery of evidence-based home visiting and other support services.

Vision ~ Families will have the supports and knowledge necessary to ensure their children are healthy, nurtured and prepared for life-long learning.

Melanie Chappel
Resource Specialist for My Family Labette.

* Provided through the support of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Funding for this program was made possible by grant funding from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration. The content of any publications created and/or used by the My Family Labette program may not necessarily reflect the views of KDHE or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service nor imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

My Family engages families in early learning experiences to enhance their child's health and wellness, safety, security and ability to achieve school readiness.

My Family, through community collaboration has developed a centralized coordinated system based on best practice.

My Family provides referrals to early learning home visiting services and other community opportunities in the Labette County area.

Families with children from birth through 5 years of age and pregnant women can obtain services through My Family.

From the start families want the best for their children. My Family connects children to services and programs that will enhance their development and readiness for school.

My Family is a Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program for families within Labette County.

My Family is a voluntary program that will work in partnership with established evidence-based programs. There is no charge.

My Family will identify areas of strengths and needs, and will gather information necessary to determine services that are best suited for the child and family's individualized needs.

My Family will make referrals to programs and/or resources within the Labette County area.

My Family Labette