Date:          March 15, 2020

Response to School Closings

Parsons, Kansas – In response to area schools closing, Labette Center will be cancelling all  children’s psychosocial groups, otherwise known as Navigators, during this time and until further notice.  Labette Center takes the health of those we serve, our community and our staff very seriously.  The Center will continue to provide high quality mental health services to those throughout our community. 

Labette Center for Mental Health Services (LCMHS) is actively engaging with local and state officials to best serve our community during the current health situation.  Labette Center is dedicated to serving our community while valuing the health of our clients, staff and community partners.  The Center will work to ensure all necessary measures are taken to comply with local, state and federal regulations. 

Labette Center staff will continue to provide services to the community.  If you are experiencing symptoms related to an illness, including but not limited to COVID-19, we ask that you cancel appointments with Labette Center and remain at home, except to receive proper medical care, until you are symptom free.  Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Community based staff will continue to see individuals but will determine visits to persons who are experiencing symptoms on a case by case basis, determined by diagnosis and recommendations of medical personal who may be involved in the individuals care.  Care will be provided in a way that is determined to be the most helpful within reasonable limits to ensure clients receive the care they need.  Individuals can maintain contact with providers via telephone or other means as determined and provided to the client.

Individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis can access the 24/7 crisis services line by calling 620-421-3770 or 800-303-3770. 

It is important during this time to be aware of the mental health struggles that may affect members of our community.  To lessen the issues of anxiety and stress it is recommended that individuals who may begin to feel anxious, stressed or fearful about the risks of illness should avoid watching, reading or listening to news that may worsen these symptoms.  Seek information updates at specific times of day to avoid the near-constant stream of news reports that can increase worry and fear.  Gather information from fact based agencies such as WHO or CDC or your local health department.   Be empathetic to those who are effected and to those around you who may be concerned or worried.  To establish services with Labette Center for Mental Health Services, Inc. individuals should call 620-421-3770.

It is important to maintain proper hygiene protocols such as washing hands, avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes, avoid social contact and practice social distancing.  These practices will help to slow the spread of the illness.

In response to federal directives, we ask that all elderly or at risk clients follow the guidelines outlined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) listed below.  At risk individuals include those with chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease.  Labette Center will continue to monitor and follow the directives of agencies such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment), and the Labette County Health Department.  For individuals who wish to receive current information about COVID-19 we recommend following the these agencies as they release information on a regular basis regarding the situation at hand.

Labette Center for Mental Health Services provides a full range of mental health and substance abuse services to clients of all ages, and works closely with local agencies to provide the best care possible. The professionals at LCMHS work tirelessly to create hope and opportunities for life change by providing education, support, consultation, and therapeutic behavioral health services to the people and communities of Labette County.