Labette Center Works Towards In Person Services

Labette Center will begin moving toward a plan to see patients in person, both in the facility and in the community.  When the State of Kansas moves into Phase 3 of Governor Kelly’s Ad Astra plan, which is currently scheduled for a tentative date of June 8th, Labette Center will begin moving towards a transition back to in person services.  This plan includes resuming in person psychosocial programs and groups for youth, also known as Navigators, the gradual increase of in person services for adult and youth case management and the gradual move towards seeing clients for services inside the main facility.  During this time, for those who are more comfortable with telehealth appointments, those services will continue to be available.  Labette Center is committed to continuing the use of telehealth as long as it remains an approved form of service through insurance providers.  Please note that the Center will begin working towards this goal on the basis of the Phase 3 entry date, which is subject to change as directed by the Governor.

The safety of our patients and our staff remain the Center’s top priority as we move toward seeing our clients face to face.  With that in mind, the Center has worked diligently to maintain and enhance all sanitizing process.  All surfaces are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, hand sanitizer is available throughout our buildings and social distancing will be maintained.  Initially, and until an announcement by the Labette Center administration states otherwise, clients will be asked to call Labette Center upon arriving at our facility to notify staff they are here for an appointment.  Staff will let the client know when it is time to enter the building for their appointment.  Clients will be asked a series of questions and their temperature will be taken.  The client will then be admitted into the waiting room to wait for the scheduled appointment.  Clients may wear a facemask when inside the facility.  If the client does not have a facemask, Labette Center will be able to provide one.  Guidelines for in person appointments are subject to change based on recommendations from KDHE and Labette County Health Department.

Additional steps that have been taken to ensure the safety of clients and staff include new lobby furniture that is COVID-19 compliant and easily sanitized.  In office appointments will maintain six feet distance during appointments and/or use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safety to both patients and staff.

Throughout this difficult time, Labette Center has remained available to our clients.  That commitment continues as we move towards a return to in person services.  The Center will continue to serve the community through telehealth and telephone services while we worked towards Phase 3.  Any individual who is experiencing signs or symptoms of a mental illness or are experiencing a mental health crisis may contact our office to set up services.

All though everyone may experience feelings of anxiety, sadness, and other mental health issues at some point, key factors may indicate a need to seek services.  If you are unable to complete daily activities, unable to maintain social relationships or are unable to work (whether at home or in the typically work setting) due to the mental health issues you are experiencing, please contact our office to find out more about services that can be provided.

Labette Center for Mental Health Services provides a full range of mental health and substance abuse services to clients of all ages, and works closely with local agencies to provide the best care possible. The professionals at LCMHS work tirelessly to create hope and opportunities for life change by providing education, support, consultation, and therapeutic behavioral health services to the people and communities of Labette County.