Labette Center Using Zoom

Labette Center takes the health and wellness of those we serve, our community and our staff very seriously. We are also committed to providing high quality mental health services to those we serve. We would like to assure you that during the current situation in our community, we will continue to provide services in every available manner that can be accomplished.

Labette Center began using Zoom for Televideo appointments on March 23rd, 2020. Prior to implementing the use of this product, Labette Center worked diligently to implement safety precautions in order to protect the patients that are served through these services. Labette Center has subscribed to a Zoom account with security features that are more extensive than what can be found in a typical free version of the program.

Before the product was used for patient appointments, the following security features were implemented at an administrative level and locked in place so that neither the staff member or client can remove or change the setting.

Waiting Room: This feature creates a waiting room where patients will be directed. To enter an appointment, a staff member must admit the patient from the waiting room into the meeting.

All recording features have been disabled at an administrative level. Neither staff or patients are able to record any meeting done through Labette Center’s Zoom. This ensures that no files can be kept or stored in any capacity. The record feature does not appear in the meeting at either the staff or patient’s end.

Labette Center staff use a Personal Meeting ID with a password to create an added layer of security for our patients.

Labette Center is committed to learning about the best ways to ensure safety for our patients while using the Zoom meeting application.

If you are experiencing difficult attending your scheduled Zoom session, please feel free to contact our office and we will work with you on getting connected.

Individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis can access the 24/7 crisis services line by calling 620-421-3770 or 800-303-3770.