This treatment program is offered to adults and youth with a substance abuse or dependency diagnosis. Outpatient treatment includes a variety of therapy services: individual, family, group.

The goal is to facilitate long-term remission of the disease of addiction through a comprehensive approach to treatment. Recovery will utilize cognitive, affective, and behavioral techniques to enhance the client?s knowledge and skills in recovery and relapse prevention.
The program offers clinical services that are derived from researched and evidence-based practices that follow guidelines developed by SRS Mental Health Addiction and Prevention Services of Kansas.  Services provided include assessment and diagnosis, evaluations, and outpatient treatment. 

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Mark Gardner, LAC
Substance Use Counselor
Mark Mikel, LSCSW, LCAC,
Cendie Shelton, LMLP, LCAC
Peter Smith, LMSW, LMAC

Substance Use Treatment

Misti Mustain, LMLP, LCAC,
Director of Clinical Programs